I Binged Six Seasons of Game of Thrones

I binged six seasons of Game of Thrones in two weeks. This article isn’t about story details or whats happening in the show, its more about my experience. There are a couple of spoilers, so if you’re not caught up yet, you’ve been warned!

Whenever someone recommends a show to me, my first instinct for some reason is to ignore it. I don’t know why that is. I’ve had friends and co workers in the past say to me “Oh my god you need to watch The Walking Dead.” That just repelled me from watching it. Until one boring night on Netflix I decided to play episode one season one, and then ended up bingeing the whole series until I was all caught up. Same thing happened with Game of Thrones. I had friends and coworkers in the past recommend it, I saw people post about it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. But it didn’t interest me. For years I didn’t partake in the madness of Game of Thrones. Whenever a new episodes would come out, I would see people on social media freaking out. So I stayed away from Game of Thrones for 7 seasons.

My brother-in-law recently started watching it, and started bingeing it like a mad man. I think he watched five seasons in about a week and a half. We were talking one day and like a number of people have recommended in the past, he recommended it. The usual, “you have to watch it, it’s so good!” Again like I’ve done in the past I just said “Okay I’ll check it out.” But wasn’t really planning to watch it. Until he uttered the words, “I think it might be as good as Breaking Bad.” My brother-in-law and I share the opinion that Breaking Bad is not one of the best shows ever made, but THE best show ever made. So it came to the point that I wanted to watch Game of Thrones just so I could compare it to Breaking Bad. I was planning on going in with a closed mind and just looking for things to hate, so I could say its nowhere near Breaking Bad. That’s a stupid thing to do, I know.

So a couple of weeks ago I sat down in bed after dinner, and played episode one season one of Game of Thrones. At 3am I found myself four episodes in. I couldn’t stop. It was so good. I had just started watching but already loved the characters. I forced myself to go to sleep because I had work in a couple of hours. The next day as soon as I got home from work, first thing I did, put on the next episode. This became my routine for the next two weeks, wake up go to work, come home watch one episode, do some more work at home, and then finish my night by watching three episodes. Not to mention the weekend, I would just sit and watch six or seven episodes in a day. I binged six seasons in two weeks. I was hooked. Now I was turning to the same people who had recommend the show in the past and was sending them messages like “Oh my god I can’t believe this happened.”

I went through all the emotional up’s and down’s, all the deaths, twists, murders, sex, and fighting in the span of two weeks. In a way it was nice to be able to just hit next episode whenever one would end. If it ended on a cliffhanger I could just find out what happened next and not have to wait a week, a month or a year. But at the same time I felt like it took some of the emotion away. Like in the season five finale when Jon Snow dies, I would’ve been freaking out for a whole year wondering is he really dead? Naw he can’t be dead he’s one of the main characters, but wait Rob and Ned were main characters also, fuck he’s dead. But I didn’t, I hit play on season six and found out right away, he’s alive!

I’m now completely caught up. I’ll be watching along with the millions of Thrones fans every Sunday, and then like the rest of the fans, I’ll be waiting a whole week till the next episode. And I’m okay with that, because I’ll be waiting just like everyone else. Season seven finale is coming up, that year-long wait will be tough!

In my opinion It’s not better than Breaking Bad. Well at least not yet. First of all they’re both completely different shows, so you don’t really have to compare the two with one another. What made Breaking Bad so great was, it was really good story telling from beginning to end. Game of Thrones is similar in that sense, only ten episodes per season, we don’t get those filler episodes we get with some of those shows that have up to twenty episodes in a season. But it has definitely become my second favorite show of all time.

Have you seen Game of Thrones? If not your lucky, go experience this amazing show for the first time! If you have seen it, comment down below what it is about this show that makes it so great. Also leave me recommendations for shows I should watch in the future, even though I’ll probably ignore those recommendations at first.

Credit: @GameofThrones

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