Game of Thrones: Season 7, Episode 6, Beyond The Wall

Whoever thought that this season of Game of Thrones has been slow, now can sit back in shock with what just happened. The show starts with Jon marching his band of misfits into white walker territory hoping to catch a white walker alive. A task which Jon knows is hard to achieve, based from his previous encounters. On their way, Jon offers to give his sword back to Sir Jorah that Jon received from Sir Jorah’s father. Jon is unaware that he’s giving away the Valyrian steel that can kill the white walkers and the Night King. Sir Jorah respectfully declines. Tormund spots a small group of white walkers walking through an alley and attacks them. They manage to catch one alive, but it lets out a loud shriek alerting the army of the dead. They carry the white walker on to the frozen lake fearing the ice will crack but with the army of the dead chasing, they take their chances. The ice cracks, leaving the white walkers to be swallowed by the lake and trapping Jon and his men in the middle.

Gendry was able to run back to the wall, where he sends a raven to Dany. Dany receives the raven and prepares to leave with Tryion insisting her not to. While waiting for back up and surrounded by the army of the dead, the Hound bored, starts throwing rocks at the dead. The rock lands on the lake which is now frozen, leading the dead to walk across and finish Jon Snow and his men. At this point, it is inevitable that the dead will kill them all. Jon tries his best to fight but the army seems to prevail. But then, Dany shows up with Drogon and her two dragons and ice and fire are battling. Dany kills most of the dead until the Night King grabs a javelin and throws it at one of the dragons. The javelin strikes down Viserion (RIP). Viserion comes down hard crashing in the ice before disappearing in the water. Everybody else boards Drogon except Jon. Jon tries to go after the Night King but gets attacked by the dead and thrown under the frozen lake. Dany leaves with the rest, presumably leaving Jon drowning. Somehow Jon pulls himself  out and gets surrounded by the dead again before his long-lost uncle, Benjen Stark, saves him and sacrifices himself. Jon makes it back to the wall where he meets Dany, and is ready to bend the knee after Dany tells him she will fight with the north against the Night King.

On the north side, Arya confronts Sansa about the note but their relationship has been damaged by the moves that little finger has made. At this point, nobody knows what little finger really wants. Maybe he wants Sansa to be the queen, and now Sansa is showing that she wants to be.

The show ends with the army of the dead pulling Viserion out of the water, and the Night King turns him into a zombie. The Night King now has a FUCKING DRAGON and a faster way to travel. Nobody knows exactly what the Night King wants. This episode beats last season’s Battle of the Bastards in my opinion. What can we expect from next weeks season finale? That remains to be seen, but judging from last season’s finale, it might be a Cerise show all the way. Jon and Dany will meet Cersei to make a plea and show the white walker to Kingslanding and convince them to fight together. Will Cersei accept? Let’s wait and watch.

What did you think about this episode, and what do you think will happen in next weeks season finale? Will Viserion breathe fire or ice? Also what do you think is sadder the death of a Direwolf or a Dragon? Comment down below!

Credit: @HBOPR

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