Stranger Things, Season 1 & 2

Okay, so is anyone else excited for season 2 of Stranger Things as I am?! Since Season 1 came out July of last year I have been waiting patiently for Season 2 to be here already. However, there is still about two months to go until the Season is officially released on October 31st (mark your calendars people!!). I thought this would be a great time to binge watch Season 1 over again and prepare myself for what is to come. Before going into what I expect Season 2 to be like, lets recap Season 1 shall we.

**Warning! Spoiler Alert** For anyone who hasn’t watched Season 1, (but who hasn’t, right?) Skip to the Season 2 portion of the blog.

Season 1, where to begin! Let me being with the characters. Will Byers is the kid who gets taken from the “Thing”, his friends Mike, Lucas and Dustin are trying to find him with the help of Eleven, the girl with telekinesis type of powers. Eleven later on tells Mike, Lucas and Dustin that she is the reason why the Upside Down is open and has a flash back to when it happened at the Lab, where she was tested on. It seems that Eleven is the daughter of Jane, the girl who worked for the Lab that Eleven escaped from. Jane used to work there basically as a lab rat on trying out new drugs. In the episode it says that Jane lost the child in her third trimester, but if its one thing we’ve learned from this show is that Dr. Brenner is really good at covering up his tracks so Jane losing her child was a cover up, from what I got from the episode with Jane in it and how Hopper was putting two and two together.

Now, lets talk about the Upside Down world, where Will was taken by the “Demogorgon” as Mike, Lucas, and Dustin call it. The Upside Down is like the “Val of Shadows” (as indicated in the show). It mimics the real world but it is colder and is considered to have toxic air. When Will is in there you can tell he is starting to get colder and colder, not an indication of toxic air, and also when Nancy went in there she was fine as well. Nancy was able to escape the Upside Down the same way she got in, but Will was not able to escape. However, he was able to escape the “Demogorgon” in the Upside Down world and was able to connect with his mother, Joyce, through lights. (I’m sure we all saw the Meme). One thing I was surprised with was that even though the monster took Will, he was able to stay alive in the Upside Down, how he got away from the “Demogorgon” and how Barbara was not able to survive when she was taken. I am hoping to find out how he was able to stay alive for a while in Season 2.

Now, moving forward, since the entrance to the Upside Down world was created, accidentally by Eleven, how is that the “Demogorgon” able to enter anywhere it pleases by creating temporary openings but couldn’t prior? Also, the egg that Joyce and Hopper saw is that another “Demogorgon” or a new monster that will be introduced in Season 2? Also, what happened to Eleven when her and the “Demogorgon” vanished from the class room? (Is it just me or are there a lot of unanswered questions in Season 1?)

**Now lets talk about Season 2!**

Season 2 coming out on Halloween of this year, and do I have a lot of questions on what is going to happen! Is the “Thing” in Season 2 what came out of the egg in Season 1? Also, is Will going to tell us how he was able to escape from the “Demogorgon” and be able to survive and hide for as long as he did? What is up with the slugs? What happened to Eleven? Why/How was Hopper feeding her? (Or well it looked like he was able to send her food through a box?) Lastly, does Hopper ever tell Jane about her daughter and if Eleven comes back (which it looks like she does), does he take Eleven to Jane?

Now that I got my questions out of the way, lets talk about my expectations for Season 2! I feel like Season 2 is going to focus a lot of Will and how he is doing after coming back from the Upside Down. Watching the trailers for Season 2 indicates that he keeps feeling like he is back in the Upside Down and sees a bigger “Thing” coming. I also feel like Eleven is going to escape the Upside Down world and go back to Mike. Or, she will be connecting with Will when he has visions of being back in the Upside Down. I also feel like the slugs that Will was puking up, and were seen coming out of Barbara in Season 1 are like baby “Things” and will eventually grow to be bigger “Things”. I also feel like we will get a better understanding on how Will was able to escape the “Demogorgon” and how it was in the Upside Down. I am also excited to see what type of role Eleven plays in this season and if she comes back to the real world or remains in the Upside Down.

Well this is the end of the blog on Stranger Things! Hope you guys enjoyed it and if anyone knows the answers to my unanswered questions feel free to comment down below and let me know, I’d love to hear from you guys and your thoughts on Season 1 and what you guys expect to get from Season 2!

Credit: @Stranger_Things @StrangerThinss


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