Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7, “The Dragon and the Wolf”

What a cliffhanger! But we should not be surprised by the finale and how the show’s creators ended it. As always it was indeed a shocking end to yet another epic season. As expected Cersei finally met The Dragon Queen and the dragons to which she was not pleased by Daenerys tardiness. She gave no reaction like a solid queen she claims to be. Cersei is shown the White Walker and agrees to help as long as Jon Snow pledges to bend the knee to Cersei but Jon refuses. Cersei takes her offer back but is convinced by Tyrion to help. The offer or what Tyrion said to convince Cersei was not shown but it will come into play next season.

Cersei later reveals to Jamie that she was bluffing. Why would she help the Mother of Dragons? Instead, she will be using the opportunity to her advantage. As things get heated, she admonishes the Kingslayer for his betrayal in agreeing to meet their younger brother and their father’s murderer behind her back and reveals she’s in collusion with Euron Greyjoy in retaining the Iron Throne. She very nearly orders The Mountain to end the life of her brother/lover, something an emotional Jaime himself orders her to do after chiding her for not recognizing the threat of the White Walkers. She nods to the Mountain, unable to give the order verbally. On the verge of tears, Jaime looks at his Queen, struggling for words. “I don’t believe you,” he says before escaping and rides away, Cersei looking in visible torment. But where is he going?  Will he join Dany and Snow? Only time will tell. But now Cersei is alone with no lover/brother by her side.

In Winterfell, what a fan theory came true, Arya and Sansa were indeed plotting against Little Finger. Sansa tells Lord Bailish that he’s guilty of murdering her aunt and betraying her mother. To which, Lord Bailish gets on his knees and begs for mercy, Sansa orders Arya to kill him. Here is where we see the true extent of Arya’s skills and her commitment to the no face society. She kills him without any hesitation. Did not think twice.

Sam and Bran have a little fireplace reunion. Bran tells Sam that he must tell Jon the truth, that he is not his half brother, but his cousin. Bran says Jon’s real name is Jon Sand because where he was born the bastards last name would be Sand and not Snow. This is where Sam connects two and two and mentions how he (all by himself, and giving absolutely no credit to Gilly) read in the Maesters Journal that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark were actually married. That wouldn’t make Jon a bastard at all but would actually make him the rightful heir to the throne. Jon Snow’s real name is Aegon Targaryen!

Jon and Dany are coming to Winterfell to pledge their alliance to everybody on a boat and it finally happened. Incest tradition continues as Jon and Dany are together in a steamy scene.

What about the night king? He probably made the most bad ass entry of the series yet. Coming in on The Ice Dragon and destroying the wall. And we finally see the army of the dead entering the Seven Kingdoms.

Which dragon will win? Fire or ice? We have a year to find out. Personally, I believe one more of Dany’s dragons will die. Cersei was more merciful in this season’s finale than the previous one. She did not kill anyone. Well, she tried to kill her brother. That’s nice of her. But it’s the thought that counts. All the questions have been answered. All the theories are either proven right or wrong. Now next season should be just army of the dead vs Jon and Dany vs Cersei.

Credit: @GameofThrones

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