Post Fight: Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather promised that he would deliver a great action fight for the fans because he felt that he owed it to the fans after his recent bout with Manny Pacquiao, which was huge disappointment. Mayweather said that he would come after McGregor and he delivered. This fight, which was called a farce by many pundits was everything but that. Conor came on strong in the early rounds and looked to take the fight to Mayweather. Conor initially presented a challenge to Mayweather as he employed tactics not used by most boxers and this can be attributed to the fact that McGregor elected not to bring in a boxing coach during training camp. McGregor came with strange looks and angles and delivered strikes effectively. Conor began the third round by getting Floyd on the ropes and hit Mayweather with hammer fists, also known as rabbit punches in boxing, and was stopped and received a warning from Robert Byrd. This actually had me worried during the fight, I feared that Conor reverting to MMA tactics such as this would cause him to be disqualified, fortunately this did not end the fight.  Conor continued to attack Mayweather effectively, but Floyd Mayweather began to walk forward during the this round, which showed that Mayweather did not respect McGregor’s power. I had McGregor winning the first 3 rounds based on McGregor’s activity and effective aggression. The turning point for the fight, I believe, was the 4th round. Early on McGregor seemed to catch his Mayweather low while he had him against the ropes and after this Mayweather really seemed to begin walking McGregor down. I had the 4th round going to McGregor, but Floyd was coming. Initially, McGregor had some success in the rounds after the 4th, but he began to look slower and his size advantage began to seem more of a disadvantage as Mayweather began to look like the younger fighter of the two. McGregor looked tired between rounds, he had his mouth open as he sat on his stool while Floyd looked to be joking with the camera men and his corner men. Floyd looked confident and this really translated well into the actual fight, Mayweather  began to find his range in the 5th and was able to hit Conor effectively. I gave this round and the rest of the rounds to Floyd Mayweather. The fight was ultimately ended in the 10th by Floyd Mayweather who began to land at will on a Conor McGregor who looked wobbly and didn’t look to have his legs under him at all. Some people might say that this fight was ended prematurely and I agreed, initially. I believe that it was smart of Robert Byrd to stop the fight at this point, this fight was not a championship bout, Conor McGregor had nothing left to prove. He went out against the great Floyd Mayweather and gave a great performance.


Conor’s downfall to me, aside from Mayweather’s aggression, was his lack of cardio. This was funny to me as Conor looked to be training very intensely during Showtime’s All Access programs, which documented both fighters in the weeks leading up to fight night, while Floyd Mayweather appeared not to be taking his training seriously. According to Conor McGregor, Floyd didn’t beat him with speed or power, but it was Floyd’s composure in the ring that ultimately beat him. During Conor’s post-fight press conference he praised Mayweather and said that he noticed 3 distinct strategy changes from Mayweather, which according to him was the mark of a true champion. In the same press conference Conor spoke about sparring during training camp and said that he would reach the 6th round and felt like he couldn’t see the finish line, but was able to get to the championship rounds and would get a second wind. Unfortunately for McGregor, this second wind never came and the fight was stopped.

Conor McGregor is now 0-1 in the boxing ring, while Mayweather is a perfect 50-0, but did McGregor really lose? He’s going to make more than 100 million dollars after this fight, doesn’t feel like a loss to me.

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