Why I didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

2015 we got The Force Awakens, the movie was pretty much universally loved by fans and critics. I remember standing in line, in front of me was a guy and his son, his son was probably like 12 years old, his dad was telling my friend and I that he was his sons age back in the day and remembers waiting in line for the originals. It was a big moment. So at the end of TFA, many questions were raised, whose Rey? Whose Snoke? Who are the Knights of Ren? Did Phasma make it out of the trash compactor? How will Luke react when we finally see him talk?

The Last Jedi opened this week, after its premier the critic reviews began to trickle out, and the movie currently sits at an impressive 93% on RT. I went to watch it Friday night with two of my friends that are huge Star Wars fans. We have spent the past two years wondering and discussing what would happen in this movie. I had no idea what was going to happen. What I got, sadly really really disappointed me.

This movie….has divided the Star Wars audience, we have some that loved it, some that hated it, and some that are in the middle. I fall into the group that hated it, one of my friends loved it and the other was in the middle.

I won’t go into extreme detail because I only saw it once, I will need to watch it again. The things that bothered me the most: Snoke garbage villain, Rey parents really are nobodies, Luke actually never leaves the island, a lot of forced humor, Fin on a pretty dumb journey, Phasma wasted (glad they put her out of her misery), the big questions TFA had are tossed to the side and have no pay off.

Opening we see Rey hand Luke the saber, the same saber that was given to him by Obi Wan, the same saber that belonged to his father, the saber he hasn’t seen since he got his hand cut off by Vader in Empire. What does he do with it? Tosses it over his shoulder and walks off. The theater I was in laughed at that, I just sat there thinking would Luke Skywalker really do that. For me it was a cheap laugh. Luke has been on this island he’s the most powerful Jedi he knows everything that has been happening right? No, he’s been busy milking aliens. Well he went to the island because his nephew turned on him, killed some of his students, took the others and left Luke for dead. The first time we see Luke Skywalker on the big screen with his green saber is when he’s standing over his nephew who hasn’t turned yet and whose sleeping. Luke Skywalker the same guy that didn’t give up and believed in Vader and ultimately brought him back, stood over his nephew and was going to kill him because he saw a “darkness” in Ben Solo.

How did the darkness come about? All the students that have turned to the dark side in the past were seduced to the dark side, but we are supposed to assume Ben just had this darkness inside him. Luke mentions, Leia believes it was Snoke that turned Ben. But it was that moment, of Luke standing over Ben that turned Ben to the dark side.

This brings us to Snoke. Who is Snoke? How did he come into contact with then Ben Solo? How did he rise to power? How is he so powerful? Why does he want to find and kill Luke Skywalker who really isn’t doing anything. Yeah, none of those questions got answered. Snoke is in two scenes, and then gets chopped in half by Kylo Ren, after Snoke places a lightsaber on his arm rest and just ignores it. I physically put my hands up at that moment. I get the argument some fans are making, Snoke is a nobody and this shows how badass Kylo is because he killed Snoke. Really though? (Why not just have Rey and Kylo team up and fight Snoke in an epic battle that shows Snokes true powers and have Kylo kill him that way, and then you go forward with Kylo still being bad and becoming more powerful now that his master is dead.)

One of the biggest mysteries TFA left us with was where does Rey come from? So many people speculated her lineage, is she a Skywalker maybe a Kenobi? I was fine with her not being related to anyone, everyone in Star Wars doesn’t have to be related. What we get is, yeah Rey your parents are just nobodies, you’ve known that all along, they sold you off so they could get drunk. Some fans are saying that was just Kylo saying that to Rey so he could seduce her to the dark side, and well get more of her lineage in Episode 9. Could be, could be. Or maybe we won’t. If they are just nobodies why did they show her being dropped off and a ship going off in TFA? Why not just reveal that she’s a nobody in TFA? So Rey Nobody pretty much has the same back story as Joe Dirt.

Rey goes to the island to be trained by the strongest Jedi in history. He gives her two lessons and she leaves.

Luke never leaves the island, dies anyway. We truly see how strong Luke fucking Skywalker is, does a force projection that not only one person can see him, but hundreds. Goes out there to ultimately just trick Kylo Ren and stalls until the others can escape. Kylo didn’t notice the saber Luke has was the same saber that him and Rey just broke into two pieces? We get an epic dual between Luke and Kylo, well not really. Since Luke is just a projection they don’t actually fight. I thought that scene was beautifully shot. But if your going to have Luke not leave the island why kill him at the end? If your going to kill him why not actually have him come and battle Kylo. Yeah I’m 100% sure we’ll get force ghost Luke, but thats not real Luke, real Luke died on a rock on an island that he spent his final years on by himself. Thats kinda depressing right?

This movie has divided Star Wars fans. I envy the people that loved it, I really wish I did to. One of my friends made the argument that I’ll probably like this movie more once they finish it off with Episode 9. I hope thats true. I’ve read a lot of people that didn’t like it being bashed for just wanting fan service and this movie is great because it takes Star Wars into a new direction. I don’t want just call backs and fan service I want a good story, this was not a good story.

One thought on “Why I didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

  1. *high fives*

    I’ve done similar analysis on my blog and I applaud you for being more succinct than me 😛

    The best defense that fans of the film come up with is “it was so different!” Other more objective observers have commented that we must temper expectations no matter what. I walked out of the film mostly excited but also really bothered by certain problems I noticed while watching it.

    I am not even bothered by it going in new directions. I simply wanted a logical plot that didn’t rely on inconsistencies and character stupidity. The entire subplot with the stranded Resistance should never have happened! Holdo should have just told Poe – one of her captains – what the plan was. As soon as they know the ship is bugged with a tracker, ditch it – don’t wait until 80% of your fleet is gone. Why didn’t Holdo think to collide into Snoke’s ship sooner? I don’t even care that Finn and Rose failed – shit happens – but it’s how it alll came about. Even Kylo killing Snoke – completely deflating what was built up – was a bad move. Rey had NO character development and basically Kylo made mmost or all of the major decisions in the film. I agree, they should have just said Rey was a nobody from the start – and what IS with that ship leaving if they were a couple of nobodies?

    People who haven’t seen it or don’t really care about SW think it’s an expectation problem: I had a problem with the story, not my expectations. I was sympathetic to Luke even, but maybe if the story had otherwise been better I would have been more sensitive to Luke’s questionable life choices. As they did in Rogue One, they have plot points depending on unlikely and stupid circumstances and characters and I am tired of it.

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